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Friday Mountain is a capital placement and consulting firm that specializes in the placement of alternative investment offerings to institutional investors. We consult on all aspects of the fundraising process including competitive positioning, branding and capital raising. The cornerstone of Friday Mountain’s philosophy is a belief that superior investment talent and high ethical standards are vital to success. The managers Friday Mountain represents stand up to the scrutiny of the toughest and brightest institutional investors.

As an outsourced sales and marketing partner to a select group of alternative investment managers, we provide direct access to institutional investors in a way that is respectful of our manager’s time. It is our mission to deliver a disciplined, effective sales effort that leverages a manager’s own fundraising efforts. Our business development model entails a deep understanding of the strategies we represent to best articulate the competitive edge to the appropriate institutional investors. By keeping a sharp focus on the long-term demands of our institutional clientele, we strategically assist in developing relationships between investment managers and the institutional investment community. Constant client communication is one of the key points of our work philosophy. By triangulating between the management team and the allocators, we provide a deeper understanding of next step, culminating with the allocation process. During the process, Friday Mountain seeks to capitalize on opportunities and the result is substantial asset growth and the ability for managers to focus on what they do best. Our capabilities include the requisite analytical and quantitative skills necessary to participate in today's alternatives marketplace.

We look to uncover interesting uncorrelated managers, who produce alpha, and who are off the beaten path of most investors. Our goal is to match superior investment talent with investors seeking to allocate to a particular strategy. Friday Mountain seeks to have interesting and intelligent discussions with investors, with the goal of being viewed as a consistent source for highly qualified funds. Friday Mountain’s approach cuts through the “noise” in the alternative space where thousands of funds and marketers can overwhelm investors with calls, emails, and meeting requests. Funds represented by us are consistently given a thorough vetting by investors. Our attention to detail and patience to wait for and associate with the right funds has allowed us to stand out from our competition.

Friday Mountain works exclusively with managers who possess exceptional investment talent and who exhibit the highest ethical standards. Friday Mountain conducts institutional level due diligence on the investment team and strategy prior to representing a manager. Since Friday Mountain only represents a small number of non-competing strategies at one time, the firm is extremely thorough in its due diligence, and the decision to represent a new manager is not taken lightly.

Friday Mountain is flexible in the structuring of its marketing mandates. Our marketing relationships have varied from perpetual, exclusive arrangements to tightly targeted engagements; and from emerging managers to billion dollar funds. The typical arrangement is a semi-exclusive long-term partnership with a midsized manager who is seeking to make the transition from a boutique organization to an institutional caliber investment management business. Friday Mountain typically works with these managers over a period of years, and has succeeded in helping a number of hedge fund businesses grow in this manner.

We work well alongside any in-house marketing efforts that may exist.

As a part of a larger relationship, Friday Mountain assists in the development of key marketing documents, investor presentations, and due diligence materials. Although most of this work is done at the inception of our relationship with a firm, these materials are fine-tuned throughout the marketing process. Based on investor feedback, Friday Mountain works with the manager to refine the marketing pitch and position the client for continued success in its institutional fundraising campaign.

Friday Mountain has built a large network of Private Banks, Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds, Consultants, Insurance Companies, Investment Advisors, and Fund of Funds and maintains an open dialogue with these investors regarding their current strategies of interest.

This enables Friday Mountain to evaluate and qualify investors prior to bringing in the fund manager, and pursue only those investors who have expressed an interest in the fund and its strategy. Pre-qualifying investors adds value for the fund manager by ensuring that marketing trips are productive and efficient. Friday Mountain provides access to capital sources that would be difficult for clients to reach independently. Additionally, having Friday Mountain position the client with well-known investors helps ensure that the client will receive the investor’s full attention. Friday Mountain's interests are aligned with those of the fund manager, with the first and most important consideration being that the investment fund meets its objectives and provide high quality returns to its investors. When this goal is achieved Friday Mountain is able to share in the success of the manager.

Friday Mountain provides alternative investment managers with access to a deep and diverse pool of professional investors looking to allocate capital to the best alternative investment funds. The firm has both established and continually developing relationships with thousands of accredited institutional investors, including Private Banks, Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds, Consultants, Insurance Companies, Investment Advisors, Fund of Funds, and other lesser known sources of capital that would be difficult for fund managers to access independently. Friday Mountain maintains and continuously updates its proprietary database of investors and has historical transaction logs dating back to the inception of the firm or the inception of that particular relationship. Friday Mountain treats each prospective investor as a relationship and provides them with a valuable service by introducing only promising pre-qualified fund managers. We know the investment criteria, mandate, and strategy constraints of each investor, and can quickly determine whom the most promising prospective investment candidates are in order to deliver results with limited disruption to the normal business of the investment manager. Since our firm only works with a select number of managers at any one time, not all strategies will fit a specific investor’s needs. However we continue to stay in contact and a manager who did not previously fill a need in the portfolio may come back into favor as markets and other variables change.